Developments & Upgrades

new changes from June 2023

As part of our ongoing commitment to product development, and to continue to provide our customers with the best technology available - we have implemented some new technology upgrades to our cordless table lamps and charging pads. We are excited to announce, since June 2023 all of our cordless table lamps and charging equipment will be upgraded to a NEW Qi wireless charging technology.

What is Qi?

Qi is the registered wireless charging standard used by many of the worlds technology giants for recharging battery powered items without any cables. The concept, known as inductive charging, allows electricity to be transmitted through two objects by means of a magnetic field. A transmitter (in this case, a charging pad plugged into a power outlet) creates an oscillating magnetic field with a receiver (in our lamps). The receiver gathers current through a special antenna, which can then be stored in our lamp batteries.

Why Upgrade?

By upgrading to a Qi wireless standard, charging reliability and convenience will be greatly improved. This will help users of our lamps charge a larger capacity battery faster and with more convenience. The Qi wireless components installed will allow our lamps to be charged by other Qi registered wireless charging pads that are readily available on the market - I’m sure many of you use Qi charging pads to charge your mobiles.

Bigger & Better Batteries

From late November 2023 we upgraded the battery installed in our lamps (applicable lamps only). The upgrades will increase illumination duration and greatly increase the overall charge lifecycles (lifetime of battery). With a maximum charge of 2,000 cycles - thats approx 5-6 years before the battery in the lamp needs replacing! Furthermore, we are integrating a new battery indicator on the lamp base for the users convenience. *This is our 2nd phase of upgrades. Upgrades from late November 2023 and are applicable to SOFIA and CHARM lamps only.

Questions & Answers

Will my existing lamps work with the new Qi charging pads?

No, unfortunately our exisiting technology will not be compatible with Qi therefore we advise all customers new and existing to order compatible Qi charging equipment with their lamps.

Can I upgrade my lamps to Qi?

Yes, you can order a new Qi electronic module to be installed into your existing lamp. As from June 2023, please contact a member of our team to place your order.

Can I still order the previous lamps and charging equipment (Non Qi)?

No, I'm afraid as of June 2023 we will no longer be offering our older technology and only supply Qi technology in our lamps and charging equipment.

What the difference between the current induction charging and the new Qi wireless charging?

The main two points are reliability and faster charging of bigger batteries.

For the past 12 years we developed our own induction charging system whereby only our lamps and charging equipment would be compatible with each other. Based on our ongoing research and feedback with our customers we realised the need of reliability. Qi technology not only improves the reliability of induction charging but also speeds up charging for bigger batteries which will be vital in charging our new upgraded batteries.

How will we know the difference between existing and Qi?

Our Qi wireless charging kits will be given an upgraded design and finished in matte black to help distinguish between the older version pads and new Qi pads. The lamp electronics will no longer be white, but Matte Black.

What are the new upgraded batteries?

Our new upgraded battery will be a lithium-Iron (Li-FePO4) battery cell. This particular battery type offers some exceptional advantages over our previous battery. Aimed at providing longer life for our lamps, the Li-Fe battery will increase the charging life of our lamps to 1,000-2,000 cycles. This battery type also operates very efficiently under extreme temperatures and has a very low discharge rate when not in use. This is classed as one of the safest lithium batteries to use and transport. Upgrades are happening from September 2023 and will only be applicable to our SOFIA and CHARM lamps.

Other important information
  • Our NEW Qi Single and Qi Dual Charging Kits will have a wide voltage load which allows our users to use a 5V or 12V plug.
  • Our NEW Qi Multi (6-port) Charging Kit will be powered by a 12V plug only. This charging pad can be inter-connected to other pads to create larger charging pads, powered by only one power adaptor.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact us.