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Cordless Table Lamps

Rechargeable cordless lamps for restaurants, hotels, cruise liners & homes.

Bursting with elegance and personality our collection of cordless table lamps‭ sets the new standard for table lighting‭, ‬redefining the way you illuminate restaurants‭, ‬bars, hotels and homes‭. ‬Boasting innovative designs and material combinations‭, ‬combined with advanced lighting and battery technology to elevate your ambiance and functionality‭. ‬

Hospitality / Commercial

Trusted by the best

We are proud to work with so many of the world's leading hospitality brands who require only the best for their guests.


Celebrating over 12 years

Over 12 years after our very first cordless table lamp, our products can be seen illuminating the worlds best restaurants, hotels and resorts. Our latest generation of cordless table lamps features our advanced LED technology and Qi wireless charging systems. Accompanied by a range of beautifully designed diffusers, crafted in metal, glass, wood and plastic. Today, as ever, we continue to concentrate on quality design, function and construction, all backed by quality customer service.

Save Thousands

Cost Saving Benefits

Of course, you can’t discuss the benefits of cordless lamps without mentioning the huge cost savings they provide over their open flame counterparts.