Company Overview

At Insight Cordless Lighting we specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of premium quality cordless table lamps for hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, cruise liners and homes around the world.

Established in 2011, the Insight brand was founded by Nigel Fawkes and his son Chris Fawkes after wanting to develop a table lighting solution with extensive wireless benefits that would become the future of hospitality table lighting. Now Insight is one of the worlds leading suppliers of cordless table lighting to the hospitality industry and known for quality products and excellent customer service. Currently exporting to over 100 countries, the exclusive collection of cordless lamps can be seen illuminating some of the finest resorts and restaurants around the world.

"From small independents to large commercial brands, our commitment to service excellence and product innovation will always remain at the forefront of the service and quality we provide to all our customers."

Through unparalleled quality standards and a customer-first mentality, we have developed a reputation of not only superior product, but one of great customer focus. Compare our range of cordless table lamps with any of the competitors and you will instantly see why global leaders in the hospitality industry choose Insight.

Additional Details

Why Cordless Lamps?

Today, in a world filled with multi tasking and long work days, a simple way to set the mood for a relaxing and intimate break from the hustle of the day begins with the elegant ambient light of our beautiful cordless lamps. Our sophisticated rechargeable table lamps have a variety of ambient features and benefits to enjoy without the risks associated with an open flame.

✔ No risk of fire and CO2 emissions often associated with naked flames
✔ Significant cost savings over tea lights, fuel cells and pillar candles.
✔ Reduced hassle of lighting and maintaining candles.
✔ Removal of the fire hazards associated with an open flame.
✔ Eliminated smoke and smell of candles that impact food flavours.
✔ A variety of stunning light colours and brightness settings.
✔ Shape and material of diffuser designed to maximise brightness and visibility.
✔ The perfect indoor/ outdoor lighting solution.
✔ Best in class two year product warranty.

Cost Savings

Of course, you can't discuss the benefits of cordless lamps without mentioning the huge cost savings they provide over their open flame counterparts. Whether you have a 12 table restaurant or a national chain using thousands of candles, making the switch from tea lights, fuel cells and pillar candles could save you tens of thousands of pounds throughout the useful life of our cordless lamps.

  • Worldwide delivery available
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Delivering Customer Satisfaction
  • 28 Day No Hassle Returns
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