UPDATED: 01/01/2024

The Insight Cordless Lighting Environmental Policy is a core operating element for the operations of the entire Insight Cordless Lighting organisation. The Insight Cordless Lighting Environmental Policy is a living document. It is part of the fabric of the organisation and is reviewed and updated to meet the needs of our customers, suppliers, employees and the environment. Insight Cordless Lighting believes that sustainable development is one of the most challenging issues facing the world. Insight Cordless Lighting is committed to continuously exploring solutions to successfully balance economy and ecology. Insight Cordless Lighting communicates its environmental policy to employees, suppliers and customers.


  • Insight Cordless Lighting is committed to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution.
  • Insight Cordless Lighting aims to protect, restore and enhance biodiversity at our manufacturing sites and actively promote ecosystem restoration activities through partnerships with local communities and financial institutions on restoration projects.
  • Insight Cordless Lighting is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, will promote international harmonisation of applicable laws and regulations, and is prepared to enter into voluntary agreements.
  • Insight Cordless Lighting expects its business partners to be committed to sustainable development.
  • Insight Cordless Lighting is transitioning from a linear to circular business model to use natural resources more effectively.
  • Insight Cordless Lighting establishes technically and economically viable objectives to optimise the environmental performance of the organisation’s products, services and activities.



Product development objectives include:
  • Evaluating the environmental impact of a product or packaging over the total life cycle,
  • Taking steps toward more efficient use of materials,
  • Reducing or eliminating hazardous substances,
  • Reducing energy consumption, and
  • Improving the recyclability. Manufacturing objectives include environmentally related aspects of Insight Cordless Lighting activities and services such as emissions into air and water, use of energy and water, reducing or eliminating hazardous substances, recycling and waste disposal.