Cordless battery table lamps are more popular than ever and ideal for restaurant table lighting. And with good reason. Cordless restaurant table lamps are both cost effective and practical to use in restaurants and hotels.  Our cordless lighting range can be used indoors and outdoors and is selected by many of the worlds best hospitality brands.

    Our selection is based on sales data and feedback from our customers. Here are our top 5 cordless table lamps for restaurants:


    1) CHARM DOME Cordless Lamp

    Mushroom / dome shaped lamps are all the rage. With bags of vintage charm in a variety of colours. These mushroom shaped rechargeable table lamps appeal to the trend for curves and are super tactile with that coveted vintage look.

    2) SOFIA FLAT XL Cordless Lamp

    Reminiscent of jazz bars and spotted in every new restaurant opening up in the capital, a new type of flat shaded lamp is making a play for the top spot. Infusing restaurant tables with a warming pool of downlight light, these wireless table lamps are ideal for contemporary bars and restaurants that demands the best.

    3) SOFIA EMPIRE Cordless Lamp

    Sleek and simple, this tall table lamp floods the surface with illumination, offering a pool of light where you need it most. Guests will admire the simple yet classy aesthetics, whilst the soft downlight ensures that your guests eyes are shielded during dinner.

     4) SOFIA Fabric Cordless Lamp

    A lamp crafted for the prestigous environment. A pretty cotton lamp shade balanced upon a slim metal base profile are having a moment in the spot light. Once a trend for the jazz bar nightlife they can look sharp and modern in the right setting. With multiple shade options on the horizon, this lamp could offer flexibility for the ever changing restaurant scene.

    5) JUPITER Cordless Lamp

    The small, tactile shape of these lamps bring both light and atmosphere to your dining experiences. With interior designers and restaurateurs recognizing the aesthetics merits of lighting your restaurant tables with not only hanging pendants but small ambient lighting on the tables.


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    April 17, 2023 — Insight Cordless Lighting