There are few summer experiences that are more enjoyable than a relaxing day at outdoors. With these rechargeable table lamps there is no reason that your day should end once the sun has set. Cordless table lamps are the perfect way to bring both light and atmosphere to your outside dining experiences this summer. Rechargeable cordless table lamps are a wonderful addition to any garden - with the appropriate IP protection class depending on the intended use. And when the evening is done, you can take them inside and enjoy their ambient glow as you nod off in your favourite armchair.

    Our selection is based on sales data and feedback from our customers. Here are 6 of the best rechargeable table lamps for your outdoor space. 

    1) STONE Cordless Lamp

    Have you been searching for a dreamy table lamp for your balcony so you can enjoy all the summer evenings outside? One of these cordless table lamps might be the perfect solution.

    2) ROUND V1 Cordless Lamp

    Create a cosy atmosphere on your terrace and outside table with these wireless, rechargeable lamps featuring a beautiful opal glass diffuser for a soft glow over the last moments of your day.

    3) JUPITER V1 Cordless Lamp

    A classy, glassy table lamp that emits a stunning glow of light. With its compact size and bright light its the ultimate in transitional style. Hitting the sweet spot between elegance and convenience. 

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    April 17, 2023 — Insight Cordless Lighting