Rechargeable battery powered table lamps are one of the most popular lighting styles / trends at the moment and its easy to see why. They offer convenience and flexibility wherever light is needed. Our cordless table lamps dont skimp on style so you'll want to use them all year round. Indoors or outdoors, summer or winter the lamps will last throughout the year for every occasion. Good lighting at home or in a restaurant can be transformative with vintage to modern looks there are plenty of cordless lamps to choose from to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Rechargeable lamps have come a long way in their design and we've decided to provide our readers with the most popular lamp in our range from 2022. And the winner is...


 1) SOFIA FLAT XL Cordless Lamp

Reminiscent of jazz bars and spotted in every new restaurant opening up in the capital, a new type of flat shaded lamp is making a play for the top spot. Infusing restaurant tables with a warming pool of downlight light, these wireless table lamps are ideal for contemporary bars and restaurants that demands the best.


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April 17, 2023 — Insight Cordless Lighting