From cooling off in the 27th floor rooftop pool to dining at one of Abu Dhabi’s most loved steak restaurants, Southern Sun Abu Dhabi invites you to the Emirates capital where bath-warm ocean swims, sandy camel rides, and souk-haggling are as much part of the experience as Louvre exploring, Ferrari racing and flagship-store shopping.

Discover contemporary design with Arabic elegance at the Kahraman Restaurant. A taste of Abu Dhabi in Arabic inspired surroundings, hand-picked authentic global specialties, curry feasts from Durban-style to Delhi-spicy, and the always-popular sushi nights; Kahraman takes you from shish to sashimi. 

Here guest will enjoy our Shell Cordless Lamps elegantly illuminating the luxurious table settings.

September 24, 2019 — Insight Cordless Lighting