Situated in the heart of new modern Amman, the past meets the future where local tradition and history of Jordan are instilled with an unmistakably bold design. W Amman hotel uniquely stands tall as a contemporary architectural statement, offering stunning views of bustling city’s seven hills running across the Jordanian capital. Begin your discovery by entering through an intriguing canyon walk, a breathtaking recreation inspired by the ancient city of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The first ever W Hotel in Amman features vibrant spaces where 280 guest rooms and 44 suites offer a sensational swirl of high energy interiors, amplifying technology, vivid design, and floor to ceiling windows that offer vibrant views of the Jordanian capital. 

Light any space with total flexibility, here our classic 'Jupiter V1 and Jupiter V2' Cordless table lamps can be seen illuminating the Wet Deck restaurant located on the buildings terrace. With their heated pool and terrace our lamps suit perfectly for that stunning view or for that refreshing morning dip.

Amp up your day and remix your nights at the most vibrant scene in the city, where you can formulate the right dose of energy and social buzz. Own the moment and remix your nights at the most original dining and party scene in the city.

June 10, 2019 — Insight Cordless Lighting