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Our unique removable battery module is at the heart of our premiuum lamp models. Offering exceptional convenience when the user wishes to replace the batteries and prolong the life of their lamp. This is particulary important for our hospitality customers who use large volumes of our lamps at their venues.

Our PRO module uses a Li-FePO4 rechargeable battery - the safest and most stable lithium battery in the world. It provides up to 100 hours of power and can be fully recharged in 8-9 hours. The most impressive edge over other batteries is the long charge life cycle. Our Li-FePO4 batteries can be recharged 2,000 times before they need to be replaced - that’s over 5 years if recharged everyday!

The PRO module also includes a battery indicator to help the user understand how much battery charge is left.

This PRO module is compatible with only the following premium lamp models:

  • Charm Dome
  • Charm Empire
  • Charm Drum
  • Sofia Dome
  • Sofia Empire
  • Sofia Flat
  • Sofia Fabric
Product Highlights

- Li-FePO4 4000mah Rechargeable Battery
- Provides 42 / 63 / 84 hours of light
- Fully charged in 8-9 hours
- Upto 2,000 charge life cycle
- LED bulb is not included.
- Qi Wireless Charging
- Suitable for CHARM and SOFIA lamps only.

General Data

Material: Polypropylene

Dimensions: 75mm (D) x 25mm (H)

Weight: 0.053kg

International Compliance: UKCA, CE, ROHS

International Protection Rating: N/A

Battery Specification

Battery Type:  Li-FePO4 rechargeable battery (3.2V 4000mah)

Battery Life: 2,000 Charge cycles, replaceable


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